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California State
License #859563
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Pollution Control Specialists, Inc.
1354 S. Ritchey Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone Numbers:
Office: 949-474-0137
FAX: 949-474-0877
If your need is urgent: 949-230-9447

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At Pollution Control Specialists, we pride ourselves on being available 24/7. Try us! If your need is urgent, call 949-230-9447 and listen as a real human being and employee of Pollution Control Specialists answers the phone and helps to solve your problem.

Our business philosophy is The Golden Rule. We don't like bad customer service, so we refuse to give anything but excellent Customer Service. We know that you take the Air Quality of your Facility and well-being of your employees seriously. So do we.

for immediate assistance, please call 949.474.0137

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