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As long as there has been Air Filtration, Donaldson has been at the forefront of the industry. This is especially true when talking about Industrial Filtration Solutions, such as Dust Collection Mist Collection and Fume Collection Systems.

The Donaldson Company started in 1915 as a three-man shop manufacturing simple air cleaners for farm tractors. In 1970, Donaldson acquired Torit, long known as the industry leader in Industrial Air Filtration Systems. Donaldson-Torit continues to lead this industry today and is the largest manufacturer of Industrial Air Filtration Systems by far.

One of the reasons that Torit has continued to lead in this industry is that they refuse to rest on their laurels. Torit's Engineers and Designers
are constantly striving to find ways to improve the product, both from an efficiency point of view as well as for ease of use by the Customer. Torit invented the Cartridge Collector over 30 years ago. Most competitive Cartridge Collector manufacturers are still using the same design today, while Torit has continued to change and improve the product along the way. Their latest Cartridge Dust Collector, The Oval 1, was awarded the Product of the Year Award by Filtration & Separation Magazine.

Not only does Torit boast the widest product line in the industry, they back it up with a 10 Year Warranty - the longest warranty in the business by far.

Pollution Control Specialists is an authorized Dealer, Installer and Service Outlet for Donaldson-Torit Products. Please contact us for a free on-site-survey of your Facility.
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