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Welding, Plasma Cutting and Thermal Spraying are some of the methods of joining metals by applying heat and sometimes an intermediate or filler metal having a high melting point. These processes all create a very fine air pollutant. Whether called smoke, fume or dust; the by-product of these processes is a particulate. Like most particulate, the most effective method of collecting the contaminant is with one of many types of filtration methods. These days, most of the metal being worked on is dry and without oily residue. Due to this, the particulate is typically dry as well. A Self-Cleaning Cartridge Style Dust Collection System is considered Best Available Control Technology; however, in lighter loading situations, a Bag Filter System may be adequate. When there is an oily residue on the metal, and therefore an oily smoke is produced; an Electronic Air Cleaning System may be considered.

Like most manufacturing processes that create air pollution, the most effective way of capturing the contaminant is by Source Capture. Whether it's a hood for Welding Smoke, or a downdraft system for Plasma Cutting, Source Capture is the method preferred by Cal-O.S.H.A., the E.P.A. or the Air Quality Board. When source capture is not feasible, an ambient Air Cleaning System can be installed to polish the air of the airborne particulate.
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