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Case Study 4

Manufacturer of high end residential and commercial furniture. Final finishing and hand sanding is performed in the Booth to protect both the worker's and the spread of fine wood dust throughout the shop. Containment was especially important so that the fine dust would not spread to their stain and varnish department.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Installation Date: 1997

Type of Polutant: Fine Wood Dust

Airflow: 32,000 cfm

Capture Method:
Enclosure Method. By enclosing or containing the process in a Booth with backdraft style capture through the Dust Collectors, the dust that is generated is pulled to the back of the Booth, away from the worker's breathing zone and out the of the general shop environment.

Filtration System:
A Seven Module Torit Dust Collector Environmental Control Booth. The Dust Collectors are High Efficiency, Self-Cleaning Cartridge Style Dust Collectors. The exhaust air from these units are exhausted outdoors to remove the odor that is associated with the fiberglass. Acoustical blankets are installed inside the Booth for noise reduction.

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