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Case Study 1

Manufacturers of specialty ceramic products, specifically Ceramic Bullet Proof Body Armor and Armor for military vehicles. Chemical fumes are created from the use of spray adhesives, paint and other aerosol sprays.

Location: Irvine, CA

Installation Date: 2005

Type of Pollutant: Odors and Fumes From Chemical Aerosols

Airflow: Multiple airflows ranging from 3,000 cfm to 18,000 cfm

Capture Method:
Source Capture. Over 20 custom fabricated Backdraft Slotted Hoods are installed throughout the plant. The Hoods pull the fumes away from the Worker's breathing zone and out of the general plant environment.

Filtration System:
Heavy duty Activated Carbon Modules. Large centrifugal type fans are mounted on the roof. The fans are ducted inside the building where they are connected to the Source Capture Hoods. All of the contaminated air is exhausted through heavy duty carbon banks which adsorbs the fumes and odors.

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