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Case Study 3

Manufacturers of specialty ceramic products, specifically Ceramic Bullet Proof Body Armor and Armor for military vehicles. During their Heat Seal Process, Kevlar covers are Heat Sealed to the ceramic plate. The Heat Sealing process creates smoke and odors.

Location: Irvine, CA

Installation Date: 2004

Type of Pollutant: Miscellaneous Smoke, Odors and Chemical Fumes from an assortment of processes

Airflow: Over 60,000 cfm of ventilation

Capture Method:
Source Capture Method. Every process in the Facility that creates smoke or odors is handled by a variety of Source Capture Methods, such as Backdraft Slotted Hoods, Canopy Hoods and Downdraft Tables.

Filtration System:
Most of the Chemical Fume processes are handled by Heavy Duty Activated Carbon Housings to adsorb the Gases and nuisance odors.

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