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Case Study 4

Manufacturer of lightweight valvetrain components for the auto racing industry. Parts are machined on numerous Machine Tools, including Centerless Grinders as shown below. Through the use of water soluble coolants, there is no smoke produced through this Grinding method; however, a fine mist is emitted into the atmosphere.

Location: Valencia, CA

Installation Date: 2003

Type of Pollutant: Water Soluble Coolant Mist

Airflow: 900 CFM Per Unit

Capture Method:
Source Capture. Each Grinder is equipped with a custom fabricated Source Capture Hood, for fast, at-the-source capture of coolant mist.

Filtration System:
A total of (6) Centrifugal Type Mist Collectors. Each Mist Collector is mounted on a heavy duty pedestal stand and ducted directly to each Grinder.

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