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Case Study 1

Manufacturer of Aircraft Interiors. Composite parts are finished using both manual and power tools. Sanding, Grinding and Deburring were the cause fine dust throughout the shop.

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Installation Date: 2000

Type of Polutant: Composite Dust

Airflow: 20,000 cfm

Capture Method:
Downdraft Tables. All the parts that require finishing are placed on Downdraft Tables. The Dust Collector is ducted to each Downdraft Table, pulling all of the air downward, thus capturing the dust quickly and efficiently.

Filtration System:
Self-Cleaning (48) Cartridge Dust Collection System. Abrasive Resistant Inlets are installed to slow the air down as it enters the unit, thus reducing abrasion to the Cartridge Filters.

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