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Case Study 1

Manufacturers of specialty ceramic products, specifically Ceramic Bullet Proof Body Armor and Armor for military vehicles. Ceramic and metal parts and components go through numerous processes, including CNC Machining, Abrasive Blasting, Hand Grinding, and other miscellaneous Machining processes. There is quite a bit of ceramic and graphite dust produced.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Installation Date: 2005

Type of Polutant: Ceramic and Graphite Dust

Airflow: 30,000 cfm

Capture Method:
Source Capture Method. Dust Collection System is directly ducted to multiple CNC Machining Centers, Abrasive Blast Machines, Mixing & Blending Processes and Grinding Machines.

Filtration System:
High Efficiency, Self-Cleaning Cartridge Dust Collection System with high capacity Ground Mount Motor and Blower Assembly. Motor/Blower Assembly equipped with Exhaust Silencer to quiet unit down.

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